Premier Subaru Watertown is Proud to Offer Auto Armor's Ultimate Protection Package.

Ask your Product Specialist how you can protect your car inside and out and add value to your vehicle at trade-in time.  Auto Armor Paint and Fabric Protection is proven to help keep your vehicle like new.

Warranty Packages for New, Lease & Pre-Driven Vehicles

Paint Protection:
   Warranted Protection against damage caused by:

  •     Weather induced fading & chalking
  •     Weather induced loss of gloss
  •     Acid rain, bird droppings
  •     Tree sap
  •     Insect damage
  •     Sun's UV damage
  •     Hard water spots
  •     De-icing agents
  •     Ocean spray
  •     Industrial Fallout (brake dust & rail dust)
  •     Accidental Paint Overspray

Interior Protection:

   Fabric & Carpeted Areas, Leather &Vinyl Areas

  •     Fast food & beverage stains
  •     Bleaches & Dyes
  •     Ultra violet rays from the sun
  •     Fading and discoloration
  •     Cracking of the dashboard
  •     Inks
  •     Mold & Mildew
  •     Chewing gum
  •     Crayons
  •     Lipstick, make-up
  •     Blood, urine, vomit

PLUS, Optional Coverage of Rips, Tears, Punctures & Burns

  • Rips & Tears up to 6" in length
  • Punctures & Burns up to 1" in diameter

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