Please call the dealership to schedule your recall service appointment:  (888) 697-5387
Dear Valued Client:

In connection with the Valve Spring Recall - WTY-84R recently announced on certain Impreza/Crosstrek and BRZ models, please note:

  • There are extremely specialized tools required to complete this recall. Subaru had these tools made specifically for us - but, only provided one tool set per retailer. Due to this limitation, we can only schedule so many of these repairs at one time. 
                              We continue to request additional tools from Subaru in order to increase our capacity to repair more

  • Our company will schedule multiple repairs each week - but, we will continue to monitor capacity and, will move you up if we receive a cancellation or, more specialized tools to complete additional vehicles.
  • Given the labor and need to remove your engine to complete this repair, Premier has created a special package for a reduced price on both hose replacements and belt replacements as, we will be in these areas anyway. 
                            This special price is full hose and belt replacement for $399 installed - save $100 over the normal price. 
                           Please advise us if you are interested in doing this when you make your appointment or drop the vehicle.

  • In accordance with Subaru policy, we will provide to you a rental vehicle - at no charge - for 2 days. Should you desire additional service work while your vehicle is at our facility - this may be extended for your complete convenience.
  • According to Subaru, there has been no instances of failure to date - for any of the vehicles under this campaign for these specific issues. So, you should not have an operational issue while you wait for your scheduled appointment.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all.